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Hey there. Kelly, 22, New Jersey/Singapore. I post a lot of political as well as personal stuff, so if either of those bother you, go away.

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This Wawa doesn't have pads!
I can't think of any other place that's open that sells pads!
We should sue!


i don’t read “uwu” as a smiley face in my head i read it as “ooo woo”


The true  key to being a highly skilled debater is not being relentless upon your opponents arguments,  it is being relentless upon your own arguments. 

This is the store right next to the ice cream shop.

Very clever.

It’s so green.

I hate wind. Who’s with me on this?

happy birthday, hixystix


kids today google, not giggle. they play angry birds instead of getting angry AT birds. they all have an ipad but no iq. not even one. they playstation but they never play station. i.e. one pretending to be a train and the others pretending to be different trains or low paid maintenance workers. they’re obsessed with one direction, rather than enjoying all eight directions equally. facebook… but unable to face… a book. or a hoop with a stick. a lost generation. the tv show.

vanfullersublime said: Why is it that sometimes people call you terrible names and accuse you of terrible things?


Because I am a person of such depth and complexity that only the truly wise and perceptive can hope to understand and appreciate me. Others find me arrogant, contemptible, ridiculous. Of course they know nothing. In fact, I believe I can honestly say that the most accurate measure of a person’s worth is the degree to which he or she respects, admires and—dare I say it?—adores me.


person: “Fox News is nothing but bias conservative trash”

person: *Gets his news from Tumblr and Comedy Central*

Neo-Nazis Fall for The Onion's Psychic Adam Sandler Story 


having a crush on someone who’s famous is so awesome because it’s like hey! no chance of rejection. ever. my existence is completely off their radar. they don’t even know i’m alive. this is great. this is a fun time. i am having so much fun

I love these

Wilder Memoir to Give Gritty View of Prairie Life - ABC News 


Laura Ingalls Wilder penned one of the most beloved children’s series of the 20th century, but her forthcoming autobiography will show devoted “Little House on the Prairie” fans a more realistic, grittier view of frontier living.

"Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography" — Wilder’s unedited draft that was written for an adult audience and eventually served as the foundation for the popular series — is slated to be released by the South Dakota State Historical Society Press nationwide this fall. The not-safe-for-children tales include stark scenes of domestic abuse, love triangles gone awry and a man who lit himself on fire while drunk off whiskey.


But Hamas doesn’t have any weapons that actually hurt ppl!?!!?!?!! It’s all an excuse to commit genocide!

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