what if there was a sex ed teacher who was a creep and told his students they had to have sex for homework and they had to make videos of themselves doing it and show them to him in order to pass the class?

Dear women;


You are not oppressed. You could be discriminated for being female but you are not oppressed . I don’t care if “certain cultures” in “certain countries” can oppress you. Because if you have to go to some tiny corner of the world in order to be “oppressed”, you’re not oppressed at all.

This makes it sound like all the oppression is happening on Easter Island

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Gonna start a dating website called “OkStupid” for liberals.

Reminds me of this ad fail I once received on Facebook:



I’m a good fisherman, Jack.

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Not your father’s marijuana

Here are some cautionary tales about the strength and possible danger of legal marijuana edibles, whether they be sold as medical marijuana or in states like Colorado which choose to legalize general marijuana sales:

Last year, the poison center run by Bronstein received 126 calls concerning adverse reactions to marijuana. So far this year — after pot sales became legal on Jan. 1 — the center has gotten 65 calls. Bronstein attributed the spike to the higher concentrations of THC in marijuana that has become available.

Although millions of Americans have used pot without becoming violent, Bronstein said such behavior is possible depending on the type of hallucinations a user experiences. Toxicologists say genetic makeup, health issues and other factors also can make a difference.

“With these products, everybody is inexperienced,” Bronstein said. “It’s the first time people have been able to buy it in a store. People need to be respectful of these products.”

I’ve witnessed this firsthand, because I know people who use medical marijuana and I’ve observed its incredibly strong effect when ingested. Back in the 60s, marijuana was almost always a lot weaker than today. But apparently, officially sanctioned and state-controlled marijuana can be a lot stronger even than the current crop of illegal marijuana, which was already stronger than in the past:

The two recent deaths [in Colorado] have stoked concerns about Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry and the effects of the drug, especially since cookies, candy and other pot edibles can be exponentially more potent than a joint.

There’s no question that other drugs—including prescription drugs—can and are abused in dangerous ways. The same is true of alcohol, of course. But from what I’ve seen of legal marijuana edibles, they are uniquely positioned to have maximum appeal to children, and also to be unwittingly over-consumed:

Twenty-six people have reported poisonings from marijuana edibles this year, when the center started tracking such exposures. Six were children who swallowed innocent-looking edibles, most of which were in plain sight.

Five of those kids were sent to emergency rooms, and two to hospitals for intensive care, Bronstein said. Children were nauseous and sleepy, and doctors worried about their respiratory systems shutting down…

“One of the problems is people become very impatient,” Bronstein said. “They eat a brownie or a chocolate chip cookie and they get no effect, so then they stack the doses and all the sudden they get an extreme effect that they weren’t expecting.”

Plus, chocolate candy just plain tastes good. The marijuana-laced ones look so innocuous, just like a Lindt truffle. So if one is good, why not a few more? But these things pack a mighty, mighty wallop.

Rand Paul Wants to Clarify That His Position on Containing Iran is a Secret | FrontPage Magazine


“I am not for containment in Iran. Let me repeat that, since no one seems to be listening closely: I am unequivocally not for containing Iran.”

“I am also not for announcing that the United States should never contain Iran.”

LOL.  He’s basically become a less coherent version of John Kerry now.

Yep, hate to break it to y’all, but this guy’s pretty far down on my list of people I want to be president.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

even if things were different, you would still wish they were different

watch everyone reblogging that marx post get accused by marxists of not making a legitimate argument


there it is.


Photo from “Muh Roads.”


Photo from “Muh Roads.”

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when u find money while cleaning ur room

cupcakevevo:  listening to music alone in your room like

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Solyndra Sequel: 'We're Back in Business' with $4 Billion Energy Loans


On Wednesday, the U.S. Energy Department announced it will begin doling out $4 billion in taxpayer-funded loan aid to renewable energy companies. 

"We’re back in business," Peter Davidson, executive director of the department’s loan programs office, told Reuters. “We really want to go back to … doing very valuable work for our economy going forward.” 

Obama’s controversial DOE green energy loan program sparked a firestorm whenGovernment Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer revealed that 80% of all $20.5 billion in DOE loans were given to Obama’s top campaign donors. In his New York Times bestseller Throw Them All Out, Schweizer called the Obama green energy loan slush fund “the greatest—and most expensive—example of crony capitalism in American history.”

The Obama administration, however, now says that in the wake of the Schweizer revelations and the Solyndra scandal that funneled $535 million in loan guarantees to Obama bundler George Kaiser, the DOE has implemented improved due diligence and loan oversight practices. (LOL)

Supporters of free market competition ask why the Obama administration is using taxpayer money to invest in favored companies with crony connections at a time when the U.S. national debt is at $17,581,532,044,819.00 and climbing.

Just in time for next election cycle?

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moon what are you doing?

moon what are you doing?

I’m writing a story and I want to share it with my writing group next week but they’re going to see the word “funeral” in the first line and be like, “Kelly, really? Another dead person story? ANOTHER ONE?”